Portfolio Management

Our aim is to improve the risk/return profile of our clients' investment portfolio. We monitor, analyse and evaluate such risk and oversee the day-to-day management of their investments.


Our Core Investment Strategy

The core-satellite concept employed aims to provide stable and long-term portfolio investment returns with the Core as well as opportunistic and short to long-term investment opportunities through satellites. This approach allows for diversification benefits on two fronts. Diversification within the Core and additional diversification from the addition of satellites.


Discretionary Mandate – Jointly managed with China Alpha

Today's financial markets are getting increasingly complex and hard to understand. The decisions that need to be taken for the longer term are becoming increasingly challenging. It is also often hard to find the time to follow trends closely enough to be able to take well founded decisions.

In our discretionary mandate, investments are made in individual securities and in collective investments such as funds or structured products within the framework of your chosen investment strategy. Our in-house as well as external portfolio managers experts are responsible for the active asset allocation within the portfolio.

With a discretionary mandate, by delegating your investment decisions to Sino Suisse Capital you can reap the following benefits:

1. Professional and active asset management that does not take up your time
2. Consistent implementation of your defined investment strategy
3. Investment decisions are made in a rational and fact-based manner
4. Optimised investment risk thanks to broad diversification
5. Regular review of the investment objectives and investment solution
6. Regular detailed reporting on the performance of your portfolio

AlphaTrader Platform

A Leading platform for price discovery, order management and post-trade services

myAlphaTrader is one of the top leading trading platforms in the industry for price discovery, order management and post-trade services of financial products developed by Sino Suisse Capital. Our innovative solutions improve products pricing, operations, and trading processes. We boost business efficiencies, lower costs, and reduce errors by streamlining workflows.
myAlphaTrader consolidates all financial institutions connections to a single access point for family office and external asset management firms.

Key advantages of the myAlphaTrader platform: 
1. Investment performance optimization
Our platform is designed to optimize the investment performance of our clients. Thanks to the economies of scale through high trading volume and sophisticated technology, our multi-issuer platform facilitates the easy design and issuance of bespoke structured products. 
2. Real time price comparison of structured products
Our platform enables professional financial services providers to genuinely compare prices of structured products between different providers in real-time. To find the best product price, our platform allows a swift comparison amongst up to fourteen different suppliers (investment banks), thereby providing a big price transparency. 
3. Risk and compliance
Our platform offers integrated risk- and compliance-checks over the full product range and life-cycle. Our platform also ensures that all processes remain compliant irrespective of evolving regulations.


The Hippo Club
A Platform for Co-Investment & Philanthropy

Through Sino Suisse's exclusive business network, the Hippo Club has been created. The Hippo Club aims to provide clients with shared unique business experiences along with a multitude of investment opportunities as well as shared philanthropic practices.