Research Partner

Sino Suisse Fellowship is an initiative between SMU's Business Families Institute and Sino Suisse to bring about leading-edge research with global impact into the external asset management (EAM) industry. Through this platform, we aim to revolutionize the EAM industry by bridging the skills gaps of investment managers and family advisers in serving family offices.

CSR Partner

At Sino Suisse, a core tenet of our beliefs is giving back to community. In partnership with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of National University of Singapore, we have established an endowment fund in perpetuity to support the undergraduates' field practice in social work in order to reach out to more disadvantaged youths.

Happy Alliance

Happy Alliance strives to unify like-minded individuals and EAMs in Singapore onto one platform to foster idea generation and sharing of best practices, new products and ideas. The members come together to offer smooth connections across a vast global network for long-term benefits.Read more