Our Core Investment Strategy

The core-satellite concept employed aims to provide stable and long-term portfolio investment returns with the Core as well as opportunistic and short to long-term investment opportunities through satellites. This approach allows for diversification benefits on two fronts. Diversification within the Core and additional diversification from the addition of satellites.

Portfolio Management

Our aim is to improve the risk/return profile of our clients' investment portfolio. We monitor, analyse and evaluate such risk and oversee the day-to-day management of their investments.

Discretionary Mandate – Managed by China Alpha Fund

In a complex and ever-changing financial environment, we are mindful of secular trends and the challenges brought upon us by globalization and technological shifts. Our main objective is to deliver consistent risk-adjusted performance to you, our client. The varying investment strategies of our mandates tailored to each asset class and level of risk, are derived from a rigorous portfolio construction process, which puts capital preservation at its core. We base our portfolio management process on the principles of risk/reward and relative value; only taking risks when risks are associated with adequate rewards.

Sino Suisse Alpha Trading Platform
A Financial Trading Platform for UHNW

Profitable investing requires the use of an efficient and transparent platform that aligns with the investment goals and trading style. The selection of a best trading & quotation platform that fits ones' needs can mean the difference between exciting new income stream and disappointment.

Sino Suisse Alpha Trading Platform is a user-friendly professional class platform which offers a seamless trading experience. It allows for trading of a myriad of financial instruments by multi-issuers and boost an extensive multi-custodian bank network. The Platform seeks to align with clients' investment goals and trading style through digitalizing the transactional process and empowering the users.

Our Platform offers most competitive pricing and valuation. We go beyond to cater for reverse enquiry, electronic dealing and order management to ensure full ecosystem integration.

Choose Sino Suisse Alpha Trading Platform to take your investing to the next level.

The Hippo Club
A Platform for Co-Investment & Philanthropy

Through Sino Suisse's exclusive business network, the Hippo Club has been created. The Hippo Club aims to provide clients with shared unique business experiences along with a multitude of investment opportunities as well as shared philanthropic practices. 

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